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Claire george


As she readies her debut EP for release in late 2018, Claire George looks outward after years of looking in. In the early years of her career, Claire explored familiar paths as the vocalist of the SF-based band HEARTWATCH and as a topline songwriter for dance tracks. However, these well-worn trails didn’t suit her, and for the past two years the LA-based songwriter and producer has focused on developing her own sound.  In 2016 Claire detached from her previous endeavors and took on a quieter life on the outskirts of Seattle to hone her craft as a producer. Writing incessantly, she impressed an athlete’s training regimen onto her songwriting with the understanding that going from competent to essential could only come through digging deeper, from finding the negative space where true heartache lays.

The resulting batch of tracks is a genre-bending pastiche of electronic and pop influences. From the shimmering “Orbits” to the insular and evocative “Where Do You Go?,” Claire’s new tracks paint a deft, impressionistic picture of the transformative power of love, loss, and growing up. Like the subjects they address, the songs are mournful and anthemic, guarded but proud. They speak to the anxious sense of losing one’s youth, while still being acutely aware of how much immaturity surrounds you.

Claire will be performing on the West Coast in 2018 with more extensive touring to come in 2019. You can listen to the first single from the record, “Orbits” (released via Kitsune in February 2018) here.






[NEW RELEASE] orbits - Claire george - kitsuné X NBA AMERICA COMPILATION 5 

Claire George's first single, "Orbits", is now out on all streaming platforms as part of a compilation created by french label and fashion brand, Kitsuné, in collaboration with the NBA for All-Star Weekend. You can also purchase the limited edition vinyl of the compilation here: http://bit.ly/2F96tD4

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[premiere] earmilk premieres "orbits"

Kitsuné, in partnership with the NBA, tap singer-songwriter Claire George, and her dreamy electro-pop single "Orbits", to be featured in their latest North American music compilation.

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Claire George's vocals are featured on 'Contact' by Luttrell (of The M Machine) released by Anjunadeep.

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[NEW RELEASE] Wear it well - valy mo

Claire is featured on 'Wear It Well' which she co-wrote with Paris-based electronic producer Valy Mo. Out via Pinnacle Collective.